The ‘PNG Defence Organisation’ is a term used to refer to the combined Defence institutions of the Ministry for Defence, the PNGDF and the Department of Defence. The ‘PNG Defence Organisation’ term is formalized in order to present a unified Defence front, bridge gaps in functional duties, and promote a closer working relationship. The ‘Defence Organisation’ marries each institution’s values, ethos, vision and mission to set the organisational foundation for the delivery of National Government tasks.

As the political head of the organisation, the Minister for Defence chairs the Defence Council while the Diarchy arrangement between the Commander PNGDF and the Secretary for Defence, further consolidates the primacy of civil power.

The PNGDF is responsible for operations while the DOD provides financial, policy and administrative support to ensure PNGDF operations and activities are realized. The DOD also provides the vital link for Defence with civilian counterparts in other government agencies. A close working relationship between the Commander PNGDF and the Secretary for Defence is fundamental to the effectiveness of the organisation.