Director of Supply. The director of Supply at the Logistic Headquarter is responsible to the Chief of Logistics (C Log) for the procurement, storage and distribution of stores and equipment.
Director of Engineers. The director of Engineer at the Logistic Headquarter is responsible to the C Log for repair and maintenance of plants and assets.
Director of Transport and Movement. The director of Transport and Movement is responsible to the C Log for the sea, air and land transport coordination and management.
Director of Technical Services. The DTS is responsible to the C Log at the HQ Logistic Branch for the repair/maintenance of all the Force equipment major assets

• Health;
• Rations;
• Facilities and Platforms; and
• Uniforms

• The Logistics Command gives health the first priority because people are the most critical resource or the capability the force needs. Servicemen and women must be medical fit and healthy to manage other capabilities of the organisation.
• Consequently, the force should focus on its human resources prior to others. Apart from medical equipment, drugs and other minor issues, the logistics command will focus on medical infrastructure.

• Combat Ration Packs (CRPs) are very important for troops in an operational environment. The force needs to give priority in this area as the civil contract arrangement such as NCS is getting expensive and also the workers can not go into operational areas particularly along the border. Paying of daily allowances to the troops is very expensive.
• The Logistic Command will commence with procurement of rations from Australia with the starting arrangement costing of K2m. By the end of 2014, we should have the contract in place to supply CRP to the force. In the meantime, the command will procure limited CRP for training (Recruit & Officer Training) NLT May 2014


• The Logistics Command gives facilities and platform the third priority because almost all the force facilities including building infrastructure and the road infrastructure are completely run down.
• The force needs to spend more time and effort to refurbish the infrastructure to enable good living and working environment for its personnel.

• The uniforms, weapons, ammunition and field equipment issues are the very basic but critical to support the core issues. The force has not been able to stabilise those functions and it has been outstanding for such a long time.
• Commencing in 2013, the logistics command began to give them some priority entering into contract arrangement for supply of contract over a longer period of time.