Training Branch is one of six Branches located at HQ PNGDF. Our vision is of a Training Branch with a reputation for excellence in the delivery of safe, high quality operationally focused training and education that is continually improving to meet the changing needs of the Defence Force. These training are generated through the PNGDF training establishments which are Goldie River Training Depot, the Joint Services College, the Air Training School, the Maritime Training School and the Technical Training School.

The roles of the Training Command:
• To provide advice to the Commander PNGDF on training matters on a timely basis.
• To maintain close liaison and coordination with all PNGDF training establishments.
• To monitor and evaluate training and review training manuals.
• To ensure that training funds are managed and disbursed according to training activities.
• To maintain close liaison and coordination with our bilateral partners on all training matters.

There will be two Basic Recruit Courses (BRC) of 22 weeks duration that will be conducted within a year. Each course will take in 350 new soldiers for training. After BRC, soldiers will then undergo a 12 weeks Initial Employment Training (IET) program in which they will be streamed into different fields of specialty. The final soldiering phase is the Specialist Skills Training (SST) where soldiers are trained to become specialist in their trade. It has a duration period of 18 months to 2 years. From the start of Basic Recruit Course (BRC) through to the Initial Employment Training (IET) and to the final phase of Special Skills Training (SST), soldiers will learn a trade and get a qualification in that trade. The PNG Defence Force will help you fulfill your dreams.

A Platoon having a de-brief at the Basic Recruit Course


The Army’s future leaders are trained at the PNG Defence Academy in Lae. Some are selected to do training in Australia, New Zealand and India. Few have been trained at the Royal Military Academy Sanhurst in England. 

Each year, 50 0fficer Cadets are selected to undergo the Officer Training Course. Most of the officer cadets have either completed grade 12 or are university graduates. Others are serving soldiers who have been selected for officer training.
The commissioning course for Regular Army Officers is 18 months. A further 6 -18 months of Officer Cadet Training is conducted overseas for the selected few.

The Training Branch is commanded by Chief of Training with the rank of a Colonel (Land)//Captain (Navy)/Wing Commander (Air). Subordinate to the Training Branch HQ are five Directorates which are commanded by Lieutenant Colonels or its equivalent in the sea and air element. The Directorates are ; Directorate of Military Training, Directorate of Education, Directorate of Doctrine, Directorate of Physical Training and the Directorate of Technical Training. The PNGDF training establishments are under the command of the Directorate of Military Training.