Commercial Support Program (CSP) entails a policy shift in Defence Planning and Management. The National Goals and Directive Principles of the Constitution which among others, calls for national Sovereignty and self-reliance plus the Defence White Paper 2013 form the basis of the CSP policy framework.



The main aim of CSP is to minimize resources demands from support functions. This needs for a change in the way of doing Defence Business and the desire to advance policy of self-reliance originated in the National Government’s User Pay Policy of 1985 which calls for all its agencies to engage in revenue making activities to ease the burden of government budget.

Hence Defence has succeeded in outsourcing the Catering Service in PNGDF and has leased out a good number of excess warehouses Port Moresby. Money generated from these activities are used to support budget shortfalls, debt servicing and maintain/repair infrastructure to benefit the Defence Organization.
The Internal Revenue is put into the CSP Trust Account.