In the context of Defence, Nation Building is the PNGDO’s contribution to national development. It is a constitutional function for the PNGDF mandated by Section 202 of the Constitution, and is a key outcome that the Government is keen to deliver to the people of Papua New Guinea.

The Government seeks to achieve this outcome through the increased engagement of Defence assets in Nation Building tasks. PNGDF Engineering, Health, Signals, the ability to provide government patrols into ‘in-accessible’ terrain as well as Land, Maritime and Air mobility platforms are capabilities that the PNGDO can bring to bear for Nation Building. The great work done by PNGDF Engineers on bridges and roads in the Southern Highlands Province and the Baiyer to Madang road link that they are currently working on, are examples of the infrastructural and economic value that the PNGDO can contribute to Nation Building.

The PNGDO must work together with Community Development and partner with existing agencies to implement Nation Building tasks. Agreements with Provincial and local authorities must also be established to facilitate and compliment the PNGDO’s contribution to Nation Building.

Engagement of the PNGDO in Nation Building tasks enhances National Security. The PNGDO civic action program guarantees military presence in rural areas and in so doing contributes significantly to containing law and order problems. For the PNGDO to effectively implement Nation Building tasks, it must procure and mobilize equipment and build up capability to effectively engage in civic action programs throughout the country. The establishment of Regional Engineering Bases is an important component of the PNGDO’s contribution to Nation Building.

The PNGDO is to conduct a minimum of one major impact project of no longer than six months, every year. The coordination of civic action is to conform to NSP guidance on joint agency coordination and a key principle of Defence’s contribution is to compliment the opening up of inaccessible areas without competing with the business sector.

Key international events will be held in PNG over the coming years in particular the SPDMM in 2014, the Pacific Games in 2015 and APEC in 2018. The PNGDO is to prepare and contribute to ensuring that these major international events are staged in a safe and secure environment.

The PNGDO must contribute to addressing the national ‘youth bulge’ problem by building the Reserve Force, establishing a School Cadet system and developing a National Service scheme that mentors and promotes discipline and a sense of purpose among our youth. The PNGDO must also contribute to the Nation’s food, water and energy security.