FSB is the only logistical battalion in the PNGDF located here at Murray Barracks, Port Moresby. It reports to the PNGDFHQ through the Logistics Branch through Chief of Logistics. Prior to it becoming a Battalion, it was known as the Murray Barracks Area until 21st Nov 2008 it transformed into PNGDF Force Support Battalion. It is now operating to support the Operations of PNGDF to succeed in both civil and military.


The Fundamental Role of Force Support Battalion is to sustain and support the Operations of PNGDF to succeed. Each sub-unit within FSB operates as specialists. Some of the roles are:
• Maintenance & Refurbishments of PNGDF Assets and Logistics including Weapons
• Operates entirely to support the logistical demands of PNGDF
• Provide Support Personnel to meet Operation Demand (Signallers, drivers, tradesman etc.)
• Military Police and Regimental Aid Post serves under the Unit Command
• Ceremonial Company is administratively under FSB