HMPNGS Basilisk is the PNGDF Landing Craft Base. The Commanding Officer of HMPNGS Basilisk is responsible to ensuring that the Landing Crafts of the PNGDF are maintained in accordance with laid down procedures and are in all respects ready to meet programmed operational commitments (‘in all respect ready for sea’). This includes training.

The roles of the Landing craft base are:
• To ensure that the landing crafts of the PNGDF and allocated support craft are in all respect ready to meet their operational commitments.
• To provide port facilities for PNGDF ships and as required, for warships and military vessels of other nations visiting Port Moresby.
• To provide slipway facilities for small craft of the PNGDF and, if and when available, for vessels belonging to other PNG Government Departments and Agencies.
• To provide on the spot replacement of LCH crewmen and their periodic relief in conjunction with HQPNGDF.
• To provide technical and administrative support for LCHs up to and including main relief standards.
• To carry out Intermediate Dockings for Patrol Boats and maintain a technical support capability for Patrol Boats operating in the Port Moresby Area, particularly to the supply of “fast moving” technical stores and spare gear.
• To conduct trade repair activities for all items of maritime spare gear in accordance with current HQ PNGDF directives.