HMPNGS Tarangau is the PNGDF patrol boat base. All PNGDF Patrol Boats are under the administrative control of the
Commanding Officer of HMPNGS Tarangau. The Commanding officer may without reference to HQ PNGDF, assume operational control of Patrol Boats for local operations within the ADMIRALTY ISLANDS (e.g. SAR tasks or training tasks within the framework of the approved program).

The roles of the Patrol Boat Base are:
• To ensure that all Patrol Boats of the PNGDF and allocated support craft are ready in all respects to meet their operational commitment.
• To provide port facilities for PNGDF ships, PNG Government of commercial vessels and, as required for warships of other nations visiting Lombrum as agreed by the PNG Government;
• To provide for local administration with the Lombrum area.
• To conduct; Seamen specialist training, pre sea and continuation training; and on the job training for tradesman allocated to the Maritime discipline.
• To provide for on the spot replacement of Patrol Boat crewmen in conjunction with HQ PNGDF.
• To provide technical support for Patrol Boats up to and including Assisted Maintenance Periods (AMPs) and maintain a capacity for replacement of major components as required.
• To control technical administration of Patrol Boats for all aspects including preparation of main defect lists and conduct of Planned Maintenance.