Core Task 4 - International Obligations

Papua New Guinea has extensive economic, trade and diplomatic relations with many countries throughout the international community and is therefore obliged to contribute to regional and global peace efforts.

The PNGDF has successfully contributed to assisting the Vanuatu Government with the restoration of peace in 1980, and participated in the restoration of peace in the Solomon Islands through the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) from 2003 to 2013. The PNGDF currently has personnel deployed as UN Observers in Sudan and South Sudan.

In support of regional stability, the PNGDO will participate in the security components of multilateral forums such as the PIF, MSG, SPDMM, and ASEAN, and develop PNGDF capability that can contribute to regional stability particularly in the areas of Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Assistance.

To enhance PNG’s contribution to global peace and good order, our Government seeks to increase PNGDO participation in UN Peace Keeping. The PNGDO must prepare to expand its current UN Military Observer contribution through developing and offering Force Elements for UN duties. The attachment and resourcing of the PNGDO’s UN Defence Attaché (DA) and the development of a UN Peace Keeping Operations (UNPKO) training facility to prepare our personnel for UN deployments are important requirements. The PNGDO is to ensure that it designs its contribution to UN deployments with sufficient redundancy in sustainment and rotation of personnel.