PNGDF - A First Time Host to MCIP

MCIP Workshop 1 held in Port Moresby

Papua New Guinea Defence Force on February this year played host to over 20 nation countries that came into Port Moresby to take part in a multinational communication Program. It was a first time experience for PNGDF. The program is called Multinational Communications Interoperability Program(MCIP).MCIP is a multilateral command, control, communication and cyber(c4) program for assured interoperability ,information sharing and capacity building that brings together governmental and none governmental organisation s (NGO,s) academia and industry under the context of Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) response.
MCIP 2016 participants include military representatives from 20+ nations, key players from the International Humanitarian Community, various other non-governmental organizations, companies from the telecommunications industry, and academia. The 2016 events are planned to occur in Port Moresby, PNG (22-26 Feb 16), Hawaii, USA (4-8 Apr 16), Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (6 - 10 Jun 16), and Brisbane, Australia (22 Aug – 2 Sep 16).
Commander of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force Brigadier General Gilbert Toropo officiated at their opening ceremony at Crown Plaza Conference room on Monday 22 of February in Downtown Port Moresby.
It was a three weeks workshop that was organised by the Papua New Guinea Defence Force Directorate of Communications with the support of United States Pacific Command (USPACOM)
The three workshops and capstone event are annually rotated amongst participating nations, thus enabling United States Pacific Command (USPACOM) to provide assistance to those nations while simultaneously increasing the collective understanding of the hosting nation’s unique culture and communications-related capabilities, processes and procedures. During PE16, the program will explore an array of options for multilateral information exchange and will seek new opportunities to incorporate operational planning and civilian humanitarian assistance communications amongst the many organizations participating.

Soldiers Challenged to Walk Before God

Brag-Gen Gilbert Toropo at the Dedication
Papua New Guinea Defence Force personnel had been challenged to aligned themselves and walk before God in their career this year in Port Moresby last Friday.
Hundreds of soldiers turn up to dedicate the force to God at St Martins Anglicare Church at Five mile in Port Moresby. Papua New Guinea Defence Force Chaplain Lieutenant-Colonel Misael Baude made the statement based on the book of Genesis chapter seventeen verse 1 using the example of God spoken to Abraham in the bible. The message reads –I am God almighty, walk before me and be blameless,
Chaplain Baude described it as the light of excellent, purity and righteousness. “We need Gods governing rules to abide by. In order to achieve that, the first way is to put ourselves in right and having the perfect relationship with God. The second way is to ensure your decision making process is always to do what is right.
Papua New Guinea Defence Force Commander Brigadier General Gilbert Toropo in the closing remarks said that the word of God is very important to all Papua New Guineans. When there is no proper access roads into Papua New Guineas homes in the past, missionaries brought the word of God in our rural villages first .That is why it is important that we should put God first to lead us this year.
Brigadier Toropo said that the force vision and priorities can only be achieved when we put God first through unity starting from all PNGDF branch heads down to directors and down.
He thanked all those who work hard last year especially the Australian, New Zealand Defence Staff and encouraged all the soldiers to put extra effort this year to move the force forward.
The dedication ceremony was wonderful as all Port Moresby Base units gathered to seek God first to lead in their respective roles in the force. The Papua New Guinea Defence Force Commander and his entire branch heads, directors and unit commanding officers dedicated themselves to God at the end the ceremony and pledged their honour to serve God, Queen and the country.

New Aircrafts for PNGDF


1 PAC 750 air craft to be built and brought over to PNGDF

Papua New Guinea Defence Force Air Element is ready to welcome its first aircraft set to be delivered before the end of this year.This were made known by Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Aerospace Mr Damian Camp during the signing of the agreement between PNGDF, Central Supply and Tenders Board and Pacific Aerospace on February 23 this year at PNGDF headquarters in Port Moresby.

It is a five year contract agreement that will now paves the way for PNGDF in acquiring six new air crafts .The six new aircrafts consist of four PAC 750 planes and two CT 4 military trainer planes that will be bought over under the package. All this six air crafts will be built by Pacific Aerospace starting this year.

Pacific Aerospace will be the leading company that will help PNGDF develop its air capability. During the signing in ceremony in January this year, Pacific Aerospace Chief Executive Officer Damian Camp says the training of PNGDF personals will take place in Hamilton, New Zealand and will cover basic flight and maintenance requirements of the two types of planes.
Mr Camp said that this is a new era in the development of PNGDF and Pacific Aerospace that will also help strengthened the relationship between New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.
Papua New Guinea Defence Force Commander Brigadier General Gilbert Toropo says the signing in ceremony was an historic moment for PNGDF.The six aircrafts plus the training that PNGDF will get out from Pacific Aerospace is a major boost for the force.
“The signing in agreement is a commitment made by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill during his visit to New Zealand. It is a great moment that we come to realised. These six aircrafts will help PNGDF conduct its constitutional duties and will also help the Government in rolling out its development programs through medical and school supplies into rural areas, “Brigadier Toropo said.
Brigadier Toropo also said that the aircrafts will also be very useful in conducting 2017 National Election and APEC 2018.
Mr Camp said that the first aircraft for PNGDF will be rebuilt and brought into PNG by end of this year.




Accord signed to bring force forward

Papua New Guinea Defence Force Commander Brigadier General Gilbert Toropo and his branch heads signed an accord to achieve the commander’s intent this year.
The ceremony took place on Wednesday first of February up at Kokoda Trail Motel, Sogeri in Central Province.
The signing in ceremony took place at the end of the Commander’s Retreat .The accord known as the Sogeri Accord now sets a new phase for the future. Brigadier Toropo in his wisdom likes to see Papua New Guinea Defence Force transformed into the future .He trust his branch heads to provide a new style of leadership that will ensure that task are accomplished at given timings.
“Let us see this accord as a defining moment for all of us with the new style of vibrant and effective leadership,”
“I would like to see that at least the force is progressing .When it comes to the following year, we all could see that we are not set on the same place, we had progressed a step further, Brigadier Toropo said.
Brigadier Toropo in his concluding remarks said that even though the Defence Budget for this year is small, he challenged his entire branch heads to work within the budget to accomplish the tasks.
Brigadier Toropo describe the PNGDF modernization program as a long journey the force is taking.
“It is a long journey that we are taking now with this new type of leadership. One day as we walked and look back into the force ,will see our sons and daughters flying fast planes and we will said yes,I,am happy that I have initiated this some years back and would like to see PNGDF transforming into a twentieth first century force, said Brigadier Toropo .