Many turn away from bad ways


A NUMBER of Western Highlands communities are happy that many have repented during recent crusades hosted by a section of the PNG Defence Force soldiers.
The soldiers engaged on the Highlands Highway Rehabilitation Program and currently based in Mt Hagen conducted crusades at Koibuga in the Mul-Baiyer and Pulkim in Hagen Cebtral districts before and after Christmas, leading to the new year.
This was the first time for the communities to see members of the disciplinary force in full uniforms coming to their communities and to reach out to them by sharing the Word of God.
Former councillor Jim Kuri from Hagen Rural LLG commended the soldiers for changing the mindset of the people in one of the crusade nights at Pulkim village.
“I think they are setting a good example for other disciplined forces, who always use force and guns against civilians who break laws,” he said. Kuri said that the use of force would not help change the bad behaviour of people. He said the communities were happy when they saw many young people involved in casting away their bad habits and changing their mindsets to give their life to Christ and live peacefully with others. “We really appreciate the initiative taken by the members of the force for coming down to the rural communities during their free time, preaching the Word of God and changing the mindsets of the people,” Kuri said. He thanked Capt Daniel Fungke. Seargeant Newton Yogol and officer Paul Kuriti and others for their time and effort.