Papua New Guinea Defence Force Commander Brigadier General Gilbert Toropo and his branch heads signed an accord to achieve the commander’s intent this year.
The ceremony took place on Wednesday first of February up at Kokoda Trail Motel, Sogeri in Central Province.
The signing in ceremony took place at the end of the Commander’s Retreat .The accord known as the Sogeri Accord now sets a new phase for the future. Brigadier Toropo in his wisdom likes to see Papua New Guinea Defence Force transformed into the future .He trust his branch heads to provide a new style of leadership that will ensure that task are accomplished at given timings.
“Let us see this accord as a defining moment for all of us with the new style of vibrant and effective leadership,”
“I would like to see that at least the force is progressing .When it comes to the following year, we all could see that we are not set on the same place, we had progressed a step further, Brigadier Toropo said.
Brigadier Toropo in his concluding remarks said that even though the Defence Budget for this year is small, he challenged his entire branch heads to work within the budget to accomplish the tasks.
Brigadier Toropo describe the PNGDF modernization program as a long journey the force is taking.
“It is a long journey that we are taking now with this new type of leadership. One day as we walked and look back into the force ,will see our sons and daughters flying fast planes and we will said yes,I,am happy that I have initiated this some years back and would like to see PNGDF transforming into a twentieth first century force, said Brigadier Toropo .