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The Defence Council’s primary role is to control and maintain superintendence over the PNGDF and the DoD through the Commander PNGDF and Secretary DoD respectively and set the terms and conditions of service for the PNGDF. It comprises of the Minister for Defence, the Commander of the PNGDF and an Officer of the Public Service designated as a member of the Defence Council.

• Control over the PNG Defence Organisation; (Through the Commander and the Secretary)
• Supervise administration of the PNGDO;
• Determine Terms & Conditions of service of members of the PNGDO (after consultation with DPM; and
• Other functions as provided by regulations.



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The Ministry of Defence is headed by the Minister for Defence. The Minister is a member of the National Parliament. He is commissioned by the Prime Minister as the minister responsible for Defence. The Minister for Defence is ex-officio a member and the chairman of the Defence Council. The Minister for Defence is prohibited from holding any rank in the PNG Defence Force. He has no power of command and control over the Defence Force. He is the linkage between the PNG Defence Force and the National Executive Council. (NEC). All directions from the NEC to the PNGDF are conveyed through the Minister for Defence.

• Provide political superintendence over the PNGDF and is responsible for PNGDF accountability to the people of Papua New Guinea through the Parliament. This accountability is accomplished through Annual Defence Report to Parliament by the Minister for Defence.
• Liaise with the Government on formulation and approval of PNGDO’s policy, plans and doctrine.
• Control PNGDF Asset to other Government

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The Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF) is the unified armed forces of Papua New Guinea. It originated from the Australian Army land forces of the territory of Papua New Guinea before independence, coming into being in January 1973 and having its antecedents in the Pacific Islands Regiment. The PNGDF Land Element includes two infantry battalions, an engineer battalion, Force Support Battalion, Long Range Reconnaissance Unit, and the Military Hospital. The Air Operations Element is a small air wing operating several helicopters and light transport aircraft. The Maritime Operations Element consists of two units namely HMPNGS Tarangau and HMPNGS Basilisk. The PNGDF is under the direct command of the Commander PNGDF supported by the Chief of Staff, Branch Heads, Directors and Unit Commanding Officers.

To be a force that is young, professional, affordable and responsive to its stakeholders

To defend Papua New Guinea, its people and its interests.

• Commitment;
• Loyalty;
• Integrity: and
• Professionalism;

The PNG Defence Force’s Ethos fundamentally binds the spirit of the organization together.
• Papa God igo pas - Put God First;
• Bungwantaim – Mateship;
• Painim rot; InitiativeGo tasol;
• Courage, determination; and
• Kumul karim; We belong to PNG

As directed by the National Government, the following are the strategic tasks for the PNG Defence Force.
• Core task 1 – Defend Papua New Guinea against attack and maintain the integrity of its sovereign land, air and maritime borders.
• Core Task 2 – Civil Emergency Assistance in Security, Humanitarian and Disaster Relief
• Core Task 3 – Nation Building
• Core Task 4 – International Obligations
• Build up to 5,000 manning by 2017
• Re-build Defence assets and capability and
• Build the Reserve Force

• Restore discipline and improve physical fitness
• Restore PNGDF’s place as the First Responder
• Re-kit the whole force
• Increase recruitment and training intakes while retiring older personnel under Compulsory Retirement Age (CRA) category
• Rehabilitate infrastructure.



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Existing Branches and Directorates are in grey color whilst the new ones that must be developed by 2017 are in maroon color.

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The Department of Defence by nature of its establishment plays a very important role in the development of the PNG Defence Force. It is important that the Department of Defence takes its position within the Defence Organisation to ensure that the PNGDF is well equipped and trained.

Functions of the Department of Defence as stipulated under Section 5 (a) of the Defence Act, although not clearly defined, except to state that they run in conjunction with the provisions of the Public Service (Management) Act dealing with formulation and implementation of Government policies, provision of efficient administration to the Defence Force and the accounting for and control of all public money legally appropriated for the purpose of defence administration. There are several high sources documents which provide indications of what is expected of the Department and its Head. These documents include the Constitution, the Public Service (Management) Act and the Public Finance (Management) Act.
The amendment to Section 190 of the Constitution, which authorised the enactment by Parliament of the Public Service (Management) Act 1986 and its subsequent amendments of 1995 and 1998, superimposed the establishment and existence of the Department of Defence as stipulated under Section 5 of the Defence Act.
The Defence Act 1974, the Manual of Personal Administration and the other subordinate Regulations, provide the framework for the Command and Control and the Administration of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force and its personnel. The civilian personnel of the Department are administered under the Public Service (Management) Act in line with Section 20 of the Act, which authorises the Department of Personnel Management to make provisions for Public Sector management, specifically as it relates to performance, human resources, and organisation management.
Other legislations that indicate some level of involvement of the Defence Force in the performance of their roles and functions and therefore the DoD, include the National Emergency Disaster Act, the National Surveillance Act, the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary Act, and the National Fisheries Act, among others.

In support of the PNG Defence Force achieving its mandated roles and responsibilities, the Department of Defence provides the following core services.
• Advise Government through the Defence Council on Defence matters and issues
• Policy advice and Formulation
• Financial Management
• Procurement, Acquisition and Disposal Services
• Contract Management
• Grounds and Office maintenance
• Nursing Services.

To be recognised as a professional and dedicated organisation that provides timely policy advice to the Government and the PNGDF, whilst providing effective financial, administrative and enabling support to the PNGDF so that it may perform its constitutional roles and functions.

To develop a professional workforce that supports and enables the PNGDF to safeguard PNG’s sovereignty, security and national interests.

The Department of Defence recognises that in order to maintain the professionalism, teamwork, traditions and customs of the Organisation, leaders at levels must promote values which:
• Respect and uphold our culture of loyalty to God, Queen, Country and the Constitution and laws of Papua New Guinea;
• Promote discipline through the application of the Public Service General Orders and its code of Ethics;
• Value the contribution and well-being of our people while promoting high ethical standards and principle based leadership throughout the DoD;
• Promote teamwork, gender-equality, honesty, self-reliance and sense of belonging across the DoD without fear or favour;
• Respect Papua New Guinea’s diverse cultural heritage and values while promoting a professional workforce that can execute its business in a smart, transparent and accountable manner;
• Uphold principles of the rule of law and good governance.




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