Our Government seeks to strengthen existing international partnerships and develop deeper bilateral and multilateral Defence arrangements that aim to cooperatively address the security challenges of our region and the world.


PNGDF troops alongside troops from other Pacific nations, in a RAMSI parade.

Our security intent must be compatible with that of our friends as we contribute to regional and global peace. The Government’s intent with strengthening international Defence relations is as follows;

• Australia. Due to our historical, geographic, ethnic and personal ties, our Defence relationship with Australia remains the most important and most enduring partnership. There is a need to modernize the Defence Cooperation Program (DCP) and Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) in keeping with the key principles contained in the Defence Cooperation Arrangement (DCA) of 10th May 2013. The opportunity to expand our relationship in areas such as Maritime Surveillance must be explored;

• New Zealand. Our Defence relationship with New Zealand is strong and continues to grow. Their structure, capability model and strategic approach provide good examples for our own development and we must seek to further promote the Mutual Assistance Program (MAP);

• The United States of America. The resurgence of their presence in the region presents the opportunity to strengthen our Defence relationship with the United States. The International Military Education Training (IMET) program has proven to be highly valuable and we should seek to expand our engagement with the US, especially with capability development options and Maritime Surveillance;

• Indonesia. Due to shared borders, its geo-strategic location astride globally significant trade routes and its rise as a vibrant democracy with an increasingly strong economy, Indonesia is strategically important to PNG. Our Defence relationship has grown stronger over the years and our Government intends to deepen relations with Indonesia particularly in the area of border cooperation;

Other Pacific partnerships. Our Government seeks to strengthen its relations with Fiji and support its progress toward democracy. Closer relations with the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Tonga will also be promoted;

Other Asian partnerships. With increasing economic and trade links in Asia, our Government intends to promote closer relations with Japan, China, India, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand; and

Israel. Building on the Memorandum of Understanding in 1994 and the Joint Declaration of Cooperation signed on the 15th of October 2013, our Government seeks to expand Defence relations with Israel. Their capability development options and concept of National Service provide valuable paths for our development.